Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snowboarding in August

Snowboarding in August, 8/20/09 (or 20/8/09 as the rest of the world puts it)
This is kind of a good news/bad news post. Good news is that I went snowboarding yesterday, in August. Boooya. After renting some gear, including a pair of boots made of dead skunk (the only logical explanation for the smell that those things gave off), it was off to the Remarkables resort for some snowboarding. Getting there involved hopping on a bus and riding for about 45 minutes up a mountain. And quite the ride it was, riding in a bus on a narrow, twisty road without guard rails. I'm not sure how much they pay those bus drivers, but imo, it ain't enough. There were a couple of other resorts in the area, but the consensus at the hostel was to go to The Remarkables, a smaller resort but nice nonetheless. Lawton stayed behind, citing fear of heights and lack of snowboarding skills, which turns out was probably a wise decision for him.

Now on to the bad news. My camera ran out of batteries after one picture (below) and one video. Which is unfortunate, as the scenery was, as Borat would say, veeery niiiice. The snow was a tad icy, especially since I managed to be on the slopes by 9:15 am.

The highlight was, however, a little hike I took early on at the top of the Shadow Basin lift, which gets you to the lookout. You can hike up maybe 50m or so (took all of 12 minutes) to the ledge of the mountain and get a sick view of the surroundings (Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, etc. )This is also where I managed to snag the last video before my camera died. So that's it, enjoy.


Unknown said...

that is one sick view...

Unknown said...

Beautiful. So I take it the slopes were not beginner-friendly?

Swiss said...

they had both beginner and advanced slopes. the ice was probably the more tricky piece early on, but that softenend up by later in the am.

there were a couple of guys staying at our hostel who had never snowboarded and they hit up the remarkables multiple times, and managed to come back in one piece.

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